When Risk Mnagement 1clicktong(1clicktong for short down below)online user visit our website, means you agree to obey the regulation of our website and take the risk of receiving our service.


The user who subscript 1clicktong online could receive the service according to the users number and subscription scope when you register it. The account will always be valid befor the user apply for suspending in written .

Data security and accessibility

Users' each authorization code is able to get one or more exclusive password according to the subscription agreement.Internet service is 24-7 available, except for Website maintenance time(inform in advance) and other force majeure condition.

Copyright and website information using

The copyright and intellectual property(include printing plate and machine-readable form) of 1clicktong online service, all belong to risk management 1clicktong. You can't reprint?copy?decompilation, or dispose the information and message offered by 1clicktong through other ways, if you are not allowed by our website in written.The rules above are the same with information structure of 1clicktong. Moreover, users can't resale or hand the service information and material to others, if you are not allowed by our website in written.

All the information in 1clicktong including (but not limited to) news?announcement?comment are for your reference only, the visitors had better further confirm before using the webpage, and be responsible for the behavior of any independent decision. All kinds of articles we published which indicate the author and source represents the views of author only, does not represent the position of the site(except for 1clicktong's article). When 1clicktong references or experpt or transfer text content from third parties, does not indicate all the content represent the position of 1clicktong, it's only for users to exchange and reference.

Policy of privacy right

1clicktong and its owner respect visitors and customers' privacy and individual rights. All the information we collect in electronic form for internal use only(except for Legal Provisions). All the information we collect will not be sold or given to outsiders under any circumstances. The visitors' statistic data we saved are used in business analysis integtatily , not involve individual level's information analysis.

Insure the information you offered

In order to provide better customer service, 1clicktong will collect your personal information when you voluntarily choose services or provide information, and integrate all the information. Please provide your personal information timely, detailed and precisely when you register, and update register information continuously, meet the requirement that timely, detailed and precise. Otherwise, you will bear the corresponding consequences by yourself. Please don't transfer or lend your account and password to others. If you find your account is used by others illegally, please inform 1clicktong staff. If your account?password is used by others illegally because of hackers or users'negligence, 1clicktong is irresponsible. 1clicktong is in the premise of fully protect your privacy to provide you with more excellent experience and service.


If you are not able to receive 1clicktong's service normally because of network conditions?communication line?third-parties website and so on, 1clicktong is irresponsible.

When you are receiving 1clicktong online service, if there's any material content missing?material content error?data missing and invalid or any loss?damage and adverse impact, our website is irresponsible. The information of 1clicktong online service is general information, the purpose is to provide the general understanding of environmental laws and regulations only.

If there's any direct or indirect damages resulting from using the service of website, or inability to use the service, 1clicktong is irresponsible. The users know and agree, 1clicktong may have data error in transmission or storage, due to government bans, existing laws and regulations changing, fires, earthquakes, riots, war, power cut, partners or related Telecom Sector's failure or malfunction of Internet hardware and software, or human negligence lead to work interruption, delay, omission, or third-partied invade system to alter?forgery or change data.

Through linking with other websites, 1clicktong gain online materials and information, the users should judge identify by yourself, 1clicktong is irresponsible.

Any enterprise or individual think the web content may be suspected to infringe the right of information network transmission should put forward written right to notice timely, and provide identification?ownership certification?detailed URL and infringement proof.


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